Diana Lynn is a Singer-Songwriter based in Los Angeles. Growing up the daughter of a preacher, she has strong roots in gospel and choir. However, she draws inspiration from world rhythms and indigenous music and strives to weave the thread of her soul into this ageless loom’s musical narrative.
She has spent nearly three decades in the musical realm studying voice and percussion, exercising her talents in Reggae, Afro Pop, Jazz and Blues and most recently house music. She loves playing a variety of percussion instruments from around the world and enjoys her new roll as a Drum Circle Facilitator where she can share all of her passions with young and old while taking them on a journey of communal rhythm and song

Diana created Urth Rhythms to share her passion for drumming in community. Urth Rhythms provides unforgettable drum circles and rhythm experiences that are accessible to all ages, communities and ability levels. Diana works in group homes, public and private schools, yoga studios, community centers, private homes, churches and hospitals.

The benefits of recreational drumming are far reaching. Drumming accelerates physical healing and boosts the immune system. It also reduces tension, anxiety and stress and helps control chronic pain. This is now proven by science. The UCLA Social Emotional Arts (SEA) program trains individuals to maximize the social-emotional benefits of arts experiences, while minimizing self-judgment and anxiety that can impede learning and growth. Beat the Odds (BTO)also a UCLA program is focused on the power of Drumming in children. UCLA research has shown that BTO can significantly reduce a spectrum of behavior problems such as behaviors related to inattention, withdrawn/depression, post traumatic stress, anxiety, attention deficit/hyperactivity, oppositional defiance, and sluggish cognitive tempo.

Drawing from her participation in both of these programs and a host of Drum Circle Facilitator Trainings, Diana brings a commitment to further raise the strength and emotional well-being of the communities she serves.

Daydreams & Lullabies

Diana’s debut album has received international recognition and several awards for art direction.

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