As an authentic singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, Diana Lynn wants to change the way people view the world and their place in it. Her voice moves seamlessly through genres, creating an open and authentic atmosphere that invites listeners to connect with her on a near-cosmic level. Her superpower is creating a magical space for listeners to become a part of the movement and flow.

Growing up the daughter of a preacher, she has roots in gospel and choir. However, she draws inspiration from world rhythms and  indigenous music and strives to weave the thread of her soul into this ageless loom’s musical narrative.

Diana is passionate about uncovering the inherent beauty of all things. She has spent more than two decades in the musical realm studying voice and percussion,exercising her talents in Reggae, Afro Pop, Jazz and Blues. Her music is for the dreamers, the poets, those who are looking for their true voice.

Diana Lynn has participated in the Music for Healing program at Cedar Senai Hospital, and holds a space in her heart for the organic flow of regenerative music. Her debut album “Daydreams and Lullabies”received international recognition, propelling her into the global scene. Diana Lynn is currently working with artists from the UK, South Africa, Portugal and Italy to create a harmonious global collaborative. Her recent release, “Suitcase and a Gun” with the Lucius Project on House Trip Recordings is currently holding its own for the second month in the Traxsource Top 100 Soulful House Chart.

When she is not writing and performing music, Diana can be found dancing through the soulful garden of creativity. Her music is the rallying call for this world’s roving fairies; those adventurous souls seeking to experience their aliveness in the

creation of the moment.

Debut Album

Her Debut Cd Daydreams and Lullabies has received international recognition. She has scored soundtracks for two animation shorts and 2 short films, one of which Silencio, was selected for participation in the Pan African Film Festival. Currently Diana Lynn is co-writing and performing house music with several
European records labels with artists from the UK, South Africa, Portugal and Italy. Diana has just completed a second release, Suitcase and a Gun, as the featured artist with House Trip Recordings, Lucius Project.

The track is currently holding in the Traxsource Top 100 Soulful House Chart. For the past 2 years, Diana Lynn has also been finding new passion collaborating with Invertigo Dance Theater on various projects. The outstanding 3 week run of After it Happened at the Odyssey Theater was a highlight.